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For decades, FairFin has exposed the power of money and, on a broader level, of the financial system as a whole. With FairFin Research, we offer our expertise in financial- and policy research to other civil society organisations.


 The financial system is an overarching dominant structure that creates a lot of political problems, but also has the potential to enable solutions. Through its control over money flows, the financial system has a pivotal position in our society. War, the energy crisis, inflation, human rights, the ecological crisis, and climate change; money always plays a fundamental role, both in the problem and in the solution.


  It is by exposing where money comes from and goes to, that we can better understand who to hold accountable. This is how FairFin Research strengthens the political power of your organisation.


  We don’t stop there, however. If needed, we can also advise you on how to deliver this hard data to your audiences. FairFin has a long history in campaigning as a CSO. We are happy to provide you with our insights on how to use hard data in telling a story for the broader public, or to specific decision makers.


  Take a look at the ‘FairFin Dossiers’ to learn more about our financial research. This includes not only collecting data on the investments of financial institutions, but also providing insights into group structures. We will help you understand the underlying relationships between companies, analyse investment policies, and so much more.

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